Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 1 Phase 3 and Update! (169)

   So I'm sure you notice that I haven't updated for a bit. That is due to me really losing steam with sticking to the 500 calorie a day diet, although I have seen good results! In all, I lost 17 lbs in 3 weeks, not too shabby. Especially when for the past 2 weeks I have been eating more like 800 calories a day and cheating on the weekends. I was going to try for at least 4 weeks, but regular food has been calling my name (and I have been answering) too much lately. It seems a little pointless to continue taking the hcg if I'm not going to stay on protocol! So I have been off the drops for a few days now, and today is my first day on Phase 3.

   Phase 3 is basically introducing "real" food back into your diet at a slower pace so you don't gain all the weight back. I'm going to incorporate exercise during this phase too. Ive been rather "rogue" on this diet, I was never one to follow rules to a T. I found that I have gotten a LOT of slack over it too! On this particular eating plan, it seems everyone has criticism, no matter what the angle. Either it was dumb of me to start the hcg to begin with, or it is dumb for me to quit. Oh well, I have good results to show, so I don't regret going this far. I also have picked up some really good eating habits that Ive noticed since being off.

   If you are going to start the HCG diet, here is my overall words of advice. Go all in; Its not an easy diet by any means and you will have days where you will probably cheat, but just keep going. If you don't cheat, your numbers will be great. If you do cheat, they aren't that bad either! Do your research; Read Dr Simeon's book and look for other books about hcg that might interest you. Ignore all of the chatter, which is easier said than done. People are opinionated, and skeptical, but I'm here to tell you that hcg CAN work for you. Stick to protocol for the first couple of weeks. It will be worth it. If you feel like going off course a little after that, then look into online support groups labeled "rogue" groups and see what has and hasn't worked for them.

   Ill update every now and then about my progress with Phase 3, I'm hoping to start seeing my muscle tone come back! Thanks for following!

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