Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 10 VLCD (175.3)

   Well, the scale is moving down, although a little at a time! I made chili last night, it was so good! I think I'm about to have it for lunch too. It is definitely chili weather, everything is frozen (even our water pipes, ugh). Still no hunger to really complain about. Every now and then I will get a smell of something I'm cooking for the boys or Chad and it will make me want to eat every bite, but a piece of gum or glass of tea knocks that out. I'm having to really work at drinking enough water. Not sure why though, I'm thirsty enough, just not in the mood I guess. I feel like I need to be exercising although Dr S's book recommends NOT to. I don't feel like I'm losing muscle, but I would like to be gaining some more. Maybe Ill just do some light strength training and see how that goes.

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