Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day 1, (Mixed and Half Day Loading)

   Well, I finally got around to getting all of my supplies and mixing my hcg. I took my first dose about 30 minutes ago and will begin loading shortly (which is good because I'm starving!). Like I mentioned before in an earlier post, I will be concentrating mainly on proteins this time around (during loading days) and not so much on greasy foods which made me feel like crap. I didn't weigh myself this morning but will start posting my weight tomorrow and each day that follows!

   My menu today has consisted of McDonald's Big Mac meal for breakfast/lunch (I was on the road, sue me), and later on this afternoon I will be making a huge rib-eye steak with hash brown casserole, along with slices of avocado. I think I will be snacking on something before then, but I'm not sure what. Ive seen several resources stating that some good fatty foods to concentrate during the first couple of days is things like olive oil, almonds, salmon, and avocado. I really hope I do these loading days right. "They" say that is the key to fight off hunger the first (and hardest) week while on this diet.

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