Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 1 VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet) 185.9

   Sorry I didn't update yesterday, I was not in the typing mood! All went well, I had a successful day of loading. The proteins and healthy fats really did help me to not feel queasy and *as* bloated. I snuck in some of my favorite foods too, but in moderation.

   This morning I weighed in at 185.9. I gained most of this from the first loading experience I believe, so it wasn't too bad this time around. I hope to have it gone within the week!

   I didn't wake up hungry, took my hcg drops first thing in the morning and they dissolved almost immediately. I'm not eating breakfast, just having coffee and maybe some apple spice tea in a couple hours. I will most likely eat an apple mid morning, then have chicken and broccoli for lunch. Then an apple and Melba toast mid afternoon and veal and an unknown vegetable for dinner. Ill have to double check my meal plan but I believe this will be it for today! I need to get a scale to weigh my proteins before I cook them. I believe its 100 grams per serving, pre cooked.

  I was nervous about this part of the diet yesterday. I didn't know if I should do another loading day since I only really had 1.5 days on hcg while loading, but lets face it, Ive been loading for about 2 weeks in reality! I'm sure my fat stores are well up! This morning I'm excited to start to see some progress. Ill check in tomorrow!

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