Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 4 (178.4)

   Another .8lbs gone! I am having to force myself to stay motivated today. I have had so much criticism about being on this diet, about how its "crazy", how I "should find something else", how I will just gain the weight back, or how I should try the diet that worked for them. I'm so SICK of it. And the hypocritical thing is, is that in the end, they will want to know all about how I did it and where they can get info to start it themselves, seeing MY success. Is it unconventional? Yeah, it definitely is. Will people understand it just hearing the "basics"? In my experience, no. Its crazy how people can have so much faith and spend hundreds of dollars on diets that celebrities endorse, or take pills that doctors prescribe (putting THEM into starvation by appetite suppression I might add), and cant be more open minded. Whatever. I hope I make them eat their words (and everything else).

   I ordered my bacteriostatic water yesterday. That is what I will be using to mix my other vial of HCG. Its a sterile water that acts as a preservative also, so no alcohol involved. "They" say that it kind of tastes funny, so I considered ordering the Stevia glycerin to mix with it, but if I can deal with a strong vodka taste, then I think I can deal with this.

   I have got to find some new recipes that I like. Since the first day I haven't really hit one that I'm crazy about, and that will be a BIG factor in me not cheating. I have had SO many temptations, but I have pulled through thus far. I have also had quite a bit of stress this past week, which doesn't help because I am definitely a stress eater! Well, actually I'm a stress cooker. I always like to bake something extravagant or cook something exotic to get my mind off of things. But doing that means a lot of tasting, that I just cant afford right now.

  On a brighter note, my energy is SKY HIGH! I heard that a lot of people had more energy on this diet due to the extra calories your body is burning, but dang! I feel like Ive drank a pot of coffee (but still cant manage to get laundry done. Go figure.).

  My menu today is kind of unknown at this point. I'm thinking rotisserie chicken breasts and asparagus for lunch, and maybe steak and broccoli for dinner with apples and cinnamon for snacks and breakfast.

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