Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 7 VLCD (NOT weighing!)

   I cheated BIG time last night... it was not good. I think I just undid a weeks worth of hard work. *Sigh* My plan is to do a mock steak day today with chicken since I'm out of steak. I wont eat anything today, just drink a LOT of green tea since my body is carrying so much excess water. Then tonight after my 2nd dose I will eat a serving of chicken and a tomato, and that's it. Tomorrow I will see how much damage I really did and hopefully wont be kicking myself really hard. I can tell such a difference in just one big cheat. I feel bloated, 2 times bigger, sluggish, my energy is down. It was NOT worth it! Ill check in tomorrow, hopefully feeling a little better!

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