Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 3 VLCD (179.2)

   Down another lb! Yesterday I was pretty hungry all day... Well not really "hungry", but my mouth was watering over the most simple foods that I could not have! It helps that I can cook pretty good, because even with the fewest ingredients, food still tastes great.

   I didn't realize how much of a "snacker" I was. I will catch myself about to take a bite here, and nibble a little bit there, all day long! Especially when I'm cooking for the rest of the family. I ALWAYS taste the food before serving it to make sure it doesn't need anything, and now, I cant do that! No big disasters thus far.

   I picked up some sugar free jello today hoping that will curve my appetite during the really hard moments, like where my husband is on the couch next to me eating ice cream right out of the half gallon container (grrr). I'm also going to order some of those "miracle noodles", the ones that are pure fiber and are calorie free. And some Braggs liquid amino which is supposed to taste exactly like soy sauce. Those two will help, I miss carbs! I have also started having a Diet Dr Pepper in the afternoon. That helps SO much! I didn't even realize it was dinner time yesterday because I wasn't craving food after the DDP.

   Today my menu will look something like this; apple w/ Stevia and cinnamon for early snack, veal with asparagus for lunch, Melba toasts and DDP for afternoon snack, crab and tomato over romaine for dinner, and grapefruit for late snack! Having it planned and spread out like this seems to really help because I don't have to constantly think about food all day long. I can concentrate on other things, like cleaning this pig sty of a house!!

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